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Africa Inland Mission
October 19, 2015 2:59 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

If you are up for some Swahili fun, see if you an translate this Swahili paragraph! No need to worry if you can’t tho, I have it translated right below! 😉 Have Fun!!

~~~ Swahili :

Wiki iliyopita mimi na rafiki yangu Julie, tulienda mjini Iringa. Tulienda mahali pengi ilituzoee Kiswahili chetu. Ninajua kwamba nikijaribu kwa bidii nitasema Kiswahili vizuri. Hivyo tulipofika mjini, tulisisimuka na tulisikia wasiwasi. Lakini baada ya kufika sokoni tuliona jinsi watu walivyoyanunua nguo tulijaribu kununua pia! Wauzaji wengi walisema ‘Shillingi mia tano, mia tano’ au ‘Shillingi elfu moja, elfu moja’, walikuwa na maana ya ‘Kila nguo ni shillingi mia tano au shillingi elfu moja!’ Bei nzuri sana!! Niliweza kuwanunulia watoto wa Semeni nguo, begi, na vitu vya shule tulipokuwa mjini.



~~~ Translation :
Last week my friend Julie and I went to the town of Iringa. We went to many places so that we could practice our Swahili. I know that if I try hard I will speak Swahili well. So, when we arrived in town, we were excited and nervous. But, after we got to the the market and saw how other people were buying clothes, we tried to buy too! Many sellers were saying ‘500 shillings(about 25 cents)’ or ‘1000 shillings(about 50 cents)’. What they meant was ‘Each piece of clothing is 500 shillings or 1000 shillings’! Very good prices!! I was able to buy Semeni’s children cloths, bags, and school supplies while we were in town.
We also had another trip to town to practice our Swahili at the soko la mutunda na miboga(fruit and vegetable market), maktaba(library), and stendi kuu ya nabasi(main bus stands). It has been fun putting what we are learning in class into practice in the real world. People have laughed at us, and we have laughed at them!
Kwa Mfano: (For example:)

At the soko la matunda na maboga, Julie and I were walking around the market looking for whatever fruit and veggies were on our list. Some random Tanzanian guy walked up and gave us a zawadi(gift) of okra…(haha)! He then looked me in the eye and said, ‘Nakupenda!(I love you!)’. I nervously stammered ‘Um…nakupenda pia…Kwa heri! (Um…I love you too…bye!)’ and quickly walked away! Haha!

At the soko la mitumba(used clothing market), we were rummaging through a huge pile of clothes and the seller asked where we were from, where we were staying, etc. We went through the introductions and I mentioned my husband would be a fundi gari (mechanic) in Kenya. The seller asked if my friend Julie was married, and I said no, but maybe she would be soon ( she has a serious boyfriend at home). The seller enthusiastically said ‘Mke wangu?!(My wife?!)’ We started to laugh and he asked me ‘Je, anaweza kupika ugali? (Can she cook ugali?)’ I told him no and he then said ‘Ninahitaji mke ambayo anapika ugali! Simtaki! (I need a wife who can cook ugali. I don’t want her!’)! Haha! He also could not believe that I, with my white skin, could bake bread but not cook ugali. We would be failure Tanzanian wives!

I suppose since we are on the topic of Swahili and funny stories, I might as well share my most embarrassing Swahili mishap. I have contemplated whether to write this and how to write it for over a month now. So, here goes! We were learning our numbers and I repeatedly kept saying the number 10 (kumi) wrong. I would only change one letter, one itty bitty sound, and the teacher would stop me and say ‘No! Kumi!’ (after 10 (kumi) comes 11, 12, 13…(kumi na moja, kumi na mbili, kumi na tatu…you can see why I said the word so much). So, after saying the wrong word all day long, our teacher said, ‘You need to look that word up’. Well, after looking it up, my face turned bright red and I apologized over and over! I had apparently I been saying, um, the naughty word for a ‘ladies private parts’…all.day.long.! Oh my word. Some missionary I am! (Y’all kept asking for this story, so there it is!)



Pictures from town :

Used Clothing Market

12165454_1041957249170122_1390681682_o 12165171_1041957345836779_1247185769_o 12119777_1041957609170086_1619170109_o 12169549_1041957845836729_638582123_o 12169325_1041958192503361_979579581_o 12168779_1041957309170116_2043216263_o



Bus Stand:

12165158_1041947802504400_1625291984_o 12169079_1041946189171228_862416824_o 12168608_1041946382504542_1211084952_o



12166159_10153593780406011_769129298_n 12167780_10153593781276011_1746762885_n 12167993_10153593780541011_528264480_n



The boys playing their news favorite games, Wild Man! And Miah carrying her baby the African way! 🙂

12169911_1042307812468399_1300705583_o 12169850_1042317345800779_1605584156_o



the Diehls

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