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Africa Inland Mission
September 9, 2015 9:54 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

I am guessing that most of you would have no idea what our title, ‘Sisi tunijifunza Kiswahili’ means! But, don’t feel bad! A week ago, I had no idea either! It means, ‘We are learning Swahili’!! Yay! After Jeremiah returned from Kalacha, we spent a few days getting packed up and purchasing supplies before leaving on the 26th on a 6 hour bus trip to Arusha, Tanzania, where we stayed for 2 nights. On the 29th, we left in the morning for another 12 hour bus trip to Iringa, Tanzania where we are now staying in Rivervalley Campsite learning Swahili for the next two and a half months. Tanzania is an amazingly beautiful country, that pictures just do not capture!

Since being here, we have made some awesome friends, and are learning so much Swahili…sometimes it feels like too much Swahili! 🙂 Our classes are Monday through Friday(or should I say Jumanne mpaka Ijumaa) from 8:30 am to 1:30pm. The boys are learning Swahili as well, which has been really awesome to see them pick up new words, and come home singing new Swahili songs. They have taught Miah a new song as well, which she sings all.the.time! Miah has been spending the time that we are in class with her sweet Mama Rafiki (Mama friend)whose name is Semeni. Miah gets so excited each morning to go play with her..she looks for her all throughout breakfast to see if she is walking down the road to get her! The best part about it is, Semeni knows barely any English! The relationship they have is simply on enjoying each other’s company, playing, and dancing together. I love it! I can not wait to be able to communicate with Semeni more openly and easily. But, until then, we communicate with the little Swahili I am adding day by day and me genuinely being grateful for her help and showing appreciation the best I can!

Jeremiah and I are so excited to be learning Swahili. When we first got news that we would be taking Swahili classes for 3 months, we were concerned with the length of time we would be spending here. What would everyone think about us taking the time to learn the language, would it seem like we weren’t devoting time to ministry?! Those were two of the questions we were concerned about and talked over. Ultimately, we have come to the conclusion that in the long term scope of things, language learning is essential. Living a full term missionary life style comes with intentionally living a ministry. We may not have any big ministry planned out, but we can be and are seeking out ways to show Christ’s love to those around us, and lead those to His Word. Like Miah’s Mama Rafiki, Semeni. She only speaks Swahili. Before I can even speak her language, I can show her love and respect and begin to build a friendship. As I learn Swahili, I can learn more about her, and begin to find out about her relationship, if she has one, with Christ. I’m excited to have time to build these relationships and see what God will do with them. We will soon be moving to Kalacha, Kenya, where the Gabbra people speak Gabbra Borona, some Swahili, and almost no English. Without knowing Swahili, it would be extremely difficult to learn the Gabbra language(which is only a spoken language). But, it is not only about learning Gabbra. We also are beyond excited to be able to build relationships here, or in Nairobi, or wherever else God may lay our heads. With Swahili, we can find out about someones family, what they like or don’t like, what troubles they are having and how we can pray for them, and most importantly, if someone does or doesn’t know Christ. Jeremiah has had the opportunity to speak to a few people already about Christ, and we are praying for a few people who we have learned do no know Christ, and for the opportunity to continue to speak with them. Relationship building and being able to demonstrate the love of Christ to others is our goal here.

We are so thankful for each of you who keep up with where God has us, and what He is doing in our day to day lives! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Here are a few random pictures…because, well, I forgot to bring my sd card with all the other pictures on it from our cabin to the reception room with the wifi! 🙂 🙂


Our cabin and a chooni (toilet building) on the campsite:

IMG_20150830_163721 (1) IMG_20150830_085726

Some shots from the bus ride in Tanzania:


IMG_20150829_174731 IMG_20150829_170619IMG_20150827_125344

A super fun truck at the playground here!!


Miah making friends…and music!




The boys and their new friend! A cool chameleon!

IMG_20150825_155436 IMG_20150825_155700




The Diehl’s

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